Feb 27, 2019


Dear Fathers,

I know you have problems too.  And I know that you, like most good men, don’t really feel like its your place or time to complain about them.  I mean, you’ve just witnessed your partner - me - grow a live human in her belly and then push it out (or have it cut out) in all sorts of degrees of primal. 

But, here’s the deal.  Maybe you don’t know because we don’t know how to tell you:  We, your partners, want you to feel good.  We want you to be vital.  We support you getting to be you.  And as much as we complain about and make fun of your “man colds,” deep down we care.  Like, a lot.  If it ever looks like we don’t, it’s because we are overwhelmed and going through the emotional labor of how to not be a nag and also how ask for help, when - as a woman - help has never been that easy and being a nag means we lose our status as desirable and fun. 


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