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I know. You have problems too.

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Modern fatherhood is no joke.

You're falling apart too, but no one talks about it.
Welcome to strength in the middle of it.

15 minutes a day is all you need.

Look, here's what I know about MOST modern dads: You're good men. And you're not gonna wave your hands and say, "WAIT, WHAT ABOUT ME?" after you and your amazing partner/wife/love/honeybee decided to have a babe and then dove into modern parenthood. And, so, it's a double-bind. You're quiet and private about the sh*t that happens to you, a dude, after babies suddenly drop into your life. And you're also taught to be beefy and stoic in public despite it all. I'd like to blow the lid off this silence and find a way to meet modern parenting with modern solutions.

Our Programs

The Pappa DAILY 15

A library of 15 minute HIIT workouts that can be done in the comfort of your own home. Think they look easy? Give it a try and let us know. There are new workouts every week.


A series of FIX Mes to help with whatever ails you. Shoulder, knee, plantar fasciitis, back pain-we got you covered. Learn more about the cause and treatment of some of the most common injuries.


No time? No excuses. 5 minute Hacks for when you just can't make even 15 minutes happen. Or maybe you are feeling a bit under the weather and need just a little movement in your life.

So simple your kiddo could do it.

All you need is $5/month, wifi, and a little bit of bravery to try something new and maybe a little different. We double dog dare you. You don't even have to leave your house.


"I’ve been doing PappaStrong for almost a month and I love it. It’s quick, challenging, and I can already feel (and see!) the results. I recommend it!"

Taylor G.

"These high-intensity, interval training workouts emphasize all major aspects of fitness: strength, endurance, and flexibility. Additionally, the variety of exercises on a day to day basis ensures that I'm emphasizing different muscle groups, all while strengthening those core muscles that matter most. Over the last year, I have had significantly reduced aches and pains, and have been sleeping much more soundly. I feel more energized and enthusiastic about other aspects of my life, whether those be family, work or other extracurriculars. "

Dan H.

"My favorite PappaStrong mantra is "Begin Again". I've had some difficult medical surgeries to recover from. The mantra of [it's okay to, and you should] Begin Again is core to living life and showing up - again, and again, even when I'm not sure I can do it. PappaStrong has helped me regain strength, balance, and health."

Brent L.

"Since starting Pappastrong, I have felt a great improvement in my overall fitness and resiliency. My core feels stronger than ever, and it fits into my daily routine. A great base for the rest of life."

Neil K.

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